iPhone HACK – iPhone Serial Port Access

iPhone Serial Port Access

Cool, there’s a way to access the iPhone bootloader via a home-brewed serial port access!

Check out how to make a serial port connector here and list of commands to use here.

Check out some of the cool commands:

command list:
	help           this list
	script         run script at specific address
	go             jump directly to address
	bootx          boot a kernel cache at specified address
	diags          boot into diagnostics (if present)
	tsys           boot into tsys (if present)
	bdev           block device commands
	image          flash image inspection
	fs             file system commands
	fsboot         try to boot kernel at /kernelcache
	devicetree     create a device tree from the specified address
	ramdisk        create a ramdisk from the specified address
	tftp           tftp via ethernet to/from device
	eload          tftp via ethernet from hardcoded install server
	halt           halt the system (good for JTAG)

[via] hackszine

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  1. Izl says:

    I dont undertand what this one really does?

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