iPhone Hack – “Hack an iPhone” – iPhoneInterface Tool is Out!!

iPhone HACK - Hack it

Here’s a cool iPhoneInterface Tool for hacking your iPhone!!!

This tool will help you do the following stuff:

  • Run any desired application already residing on the phone.
  • Control what processes run on the phone (currently implementation is very hackish)
  • Move files around on the phone
  • Enable viewing of verbose information during the restore process
  • Activate the phone without iTunes and without a token

Link to tool:
Mirrors (MD5: f73883e5158048aee51eb15c2047fd00 *iPhoneInterface.zip — MD5 checker):

[via] gearfuse

4 Responses to iPhone Hack – “Hack an iPhone” – iPhoneInterface Tool is Out!!

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  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    i think that iphones are overratrd… just hack yours to look like one… can someone email me a how to with pics of how to do that with a treo 600???

  3. Izl says:

    I thought iphone could already do all that

  4. dean says:

    If you think the I-phone is overrated, then why would you like your trio to look like one. Moron

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