more iPhone HACKS from Hackszine via Makezine!

iPhone hacks

Well, you know we’ve always try to be on top of hacks such as wii hack or iPhone hacks. (Yes, we do try to get on google on purpose so don’t blame us if you see zedomax while searching for iPhone hacks in the future.)

Here’s some cool hacks Hackszine guys posted! Hackers rule the world!

The other end of things is iPhone JavaScript hacking. Ever since Apple promised that you’d be able to make phone calls and access other iPhone functions from with Ajax widgets, we’ve been wondering where the glue lives. There are a few people exploring the JavaScript capabilities, include Joe Hewitt, who has released Firebug for iPhone, which lets you send debugging messages to your desktop browser and also execute JavaScript commands on the iPhone.

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  1. Izl says:

    Lol, at this rate you definatly will hit the front page!

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