more iPhone Hacks – can’t afford an iPhone? Don’t worry.

Window iPhone Hacks


Yes, this hacks been around for awhile like an old whor*. Anyways, check out the Window iPhone hack if you refuse to get an iPhone for some odd reason or you just can’t afford one.  Well, this hack doesn’t really implement all the cool touch features of a real iPhone but at least you can be a wannabe for sure. :p

Today I’ll highlight a couple of methods for skinning your Windows Mobile phone to look and feel like an iPhone.* Hit the jump to see some videos of the Windows Mobile iPhones in action and to find out how to achieve the same results.

* NOTE: No, no matter what you do, it still won’t be an iPhone, and I agree, you shouldn’t try to make an orange into an Apple (har har). But some of the iPhone’s features as implemented using the methods described below are, frankly, either better or more intuitive than the Windows Mobile default, and I’m thrilled to bring even an ounce of that usability to my smartphone.

via lifehacker

2 Responses to more iPhone Hacks – can’t afford an iPhone? Don’t worry.

  1. Izl says:

    No hacks will make me buy it until theres a built in game console in it 😀

  2. Alias420 says:

    You could always use the NES emulator on the iPhone check it out

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