iPhone hack warning from IBM

Here’s a warning that’s been going around for the iPhone. My advice? Just wait until the real “version 2” comes out. Anything new, all the early adopters WILL be the beta-testers, really….

On the side note, yes, we have been trying to get one number one for “hack iphone” for no apparent reason but simple we are bored and want to play with the “Algorithm”.

Oh yeah, i guess there’s IS a way to make the iPhone be hacked to work in New Zealand.  Great news for New Zealanders….(I am sure they are all good golfers…with all those nice golf courses you know…i am joulous….)

ISS hasn’t yet got its hands on an iPhone but suggests the lack of a software developer’s kit means Apple can limit both third-party software and potential attacks, making it a lot harder for hackers and malware writers to take advantage of it.

“They’re not telling anyone how to write applications that run on the iPhone,” added Mehta. “It’s going to be much harder to write worms or viruses for that platform. Most malware written today for mobile platforms has been developed using software developer kits from the manufacturers. The lack of that on the iPhone will make it harder for people to develop malware for it.”

via pcadvisor

4 Responses to iPhone hack warning from IBM

  1. Carl says:

    Just can’t seem to find interest in the iPhone

  2. Izl says:

    So now the hacks will void warranty?

  3. Carl says:

    That goes for every item you buy

  4. hackano says:

    What’s the big deal about the warranty? If you want it, you want it.

    This guy I know used the hardware method to unlock his iphone to be used with T-mobile. He came up with a couple of improvements in the process which should help make the hack easier: http://www.appliancejournal.com/iphone/how-to-hack-iphone-original-improved-270/

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