iPhone HACK – How to replace the iPhone screen!


Here’s a cool video of taking your iPhone apart as soon as you get it. I don’t know if you will have to replace the screen anytime soon but it’s good to know there’s instructions out there already.

Apple iPhone screen replacement and take apart how to directions. Step by step on how to disassemble the apple iphone

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  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    wow that seemed easy…

  4. Izl says:

    Arent all of them still in warranty? Well unless you modded them… ah nevermind 😛

  5. girrrrrrr2 says:

    have yuo seen any iphone mods???

  6. David says:

    What kind of tool was used to disassemble the iphone and where can I get it

  7. ryan says:

    stop posting the same video from youtube,
    more trash on the net.

    users need different video not the same frekin video posted as a solution.

  8. max says:

    Hmmm…. do you want us to stop posting videos from youtube?!? No way Jose!

    But yes, we DO need a solution to some of this…

  9. lonnie says:

    Trust me, it’s not easy .. the iphone in that video was almost certainly taken apart before.. they do not come apart that easily the first time.. especially if you’re never done it before

    Also the video does not cover re-assembling which is a tricky thing to do because the cables you remove are a pain in the ass to re-attach.. I’ve done it about 4 times now and I have it down pretty well but the initial take apart is almost always horribly long.. in fact I’d go ahead and buy the new back and antenna cover if you get the screen because it’s super easy to bend or scratch .. that way you can just put the new back components on when you’re done and you’ll have a pretty much brand new looking device ..

    Also you’ll want a few of the case opening tools .. the initial open of an iphone wears that thing down .. it’s plastic and the iphone’s metal edges cut through it.

  10. max says:

    Hmm.. thanks for the info…maybe you can take some pictures and put it online.

  11. lonnie says:

    Mine is together now and I’m hoping I won’t be needing to take anymore of these things apart, but if I do I will be sure to put together a better video ..

    I did take a picture of the insides of the phone with labels of what most of the major components are for those who wanted more detail.

    here’s the picture

    The visible orange cable coming from the top right of the touch screen in this photo is connected to a metal casing that has a little circuit board in there, this casing has to be pushed back into the original location up against the metal case or the touch sensitivity doesn’t seem to work .. This was not mentioned in the instructions and as a result the first time I did a phone I thought I got a bad screen ..

    After I figured this out on my own I tested the original screen and found out that it worked also .. wasted money! but I do have a spare screen now.

  12. john says:

    i cracked my iPhone and the touch doesnt work..will the screen replacement fix this?

  13. craig says:

    is there any way to replace the lcd without replacing the digitizer. In the picture it looks like you are missing the top left wire of the touchscreen which is the lcd wire.

  14. lonnie says:

    There is no way to replace the screen and not the digitizer because they are bonded together.. you could use a razor blade and chip away the broken glass then have some glass cut for you but that’s just not worth it .. I saw someone do this with a plastic screen.. ugly!

    Any operation to fix the glass though, is going to be a risky undertaking!

    Since I’ve replaced the glass/digitizer on my phone.. it’s been a champ! just like new

    And the wire is not missing, that is the back side showing the digitizer, the glass is firmly attached to the digitizer on the other side with some type of glue .. the wire is there, it’s just at a bad angle for the picture.

  15. lonnie says:

    The screen replacement would fix it .. but the procedure is not simple at all .. very time consuming! and I learned if you mess something up you don’t always know it until you have the thing practically re-assembled.. then you have to break it back down to check all your connections.. high stress because you’re scared to bust a wire or something.

  16. lonnie says:

    I replied to you, but forgot to add it as a reply..

  17. lonnie says:

    I used jewlers screwdrivers for most of it .. but I did use the case tool provided from pdaparts.com, which is where I got the screen/digitizer ..

    I’d invest in a replacement back cover as well, chances are you’re going to bend or scratch that back cover.. you can also get an antenna cover as well which will probably get messed up also ..

  18. lonnie says:

    Apple covers it if you can prove you broke it under normal usage.. but I believe you still have to pay and they’re probably going to just send you a new phone .. someone told me that it costs $250 for apple to do it.. no clue how true that is

  19. zann says:

    I need to purchase the iPhone replacement LCD screen to replace my faulty one.

    Please let me know once the stock is in

  20. craig says:

    pdaparts has them now

  21. DamnFastR6 says:

    my outer glass is broken…do i have to replace the digitizer as well? or can i replace just the outer glass?…

    could anyone who has done this e-mail me?…i have 2 phones to fix..both broken screens..1 WAY worse than the other,….


  22. upeeup says:

    I’d like everyone out there should know that this is probably a scam. When you get the replacement part, the package says the video omits key steps. This video has the same disclaimer. I wondered why it wasn’t less trouble for them to just update the video.

    Now I know. In my case (the most common case – cracked glass but otherwise functioning device) the repair isn’t possible because removing the touch panel (the glass) necessarily destroys the plastic “home button” frame.

    At the end of the day, I’m going to have to buy a complete screen replacement which (coincidentally) costs the same amount as a new phone!!!!

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  25. Message from a customer: I dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen the other day. I took it into Apple and the guy at the genius bar told me that even though I bought the apple care plan, I would have to pay $199 for the cracked screen replacement. I was about to just pony up for the repair until my friend told me that he had just gotten his phone repaired at iPhone 3G screen repair and it was only $75! I sent mine in to them and they had it shipped back out the same day they got it. Now that’s what I call great service!

  26. Charlie says:


    I’d managed to replace the outermost glass on my iphone 3gs but now can’t get any audio output from the earpiece (but i can from the loud speaker). What am i likely to have done wrong?

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