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Wow, this e-store based in London, Ontario has some crazy number of renewable energy products including the big as& solar panel shown above. They even got solar pool heaters, water recyclers, and lots of other cool renewable energy products. Definitely a must see if you are thinking about or need those types of products.

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  1. Dane Millar says:

    hey, you should see what we’re doing with solar energy over at Southside Air Inc. Be sure to stop by our website at and leave us some comments about what you think at .

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    woot woot… lets go save the world…

  3. Carl says:

    The world is already doomed (Sorry).

    I would like this house to use photovoltaic panels.

  4. Dane Millar says:

    can’t use photo voltaic with normal light bulbs and whatnot, LEDS use almost no energy and provide the same amount of light. Also solar heating and cooling is increadably efficient, our heating panels are rated to heat 1,000 square feet each at southsideair. With rising heating costs solar is becoming more and more feasible.

  5. Carl says:

    How could you replace refrigeration and washers for the 12v house?

  6. Dane Millar says:

    Those might be a little more difficult. It’s not impossible however to run a washer off a wind turbine with either a photo voltaic control or a generator off it for a control. Also, with electricity prices as they are, massive solar arrays are becoming more of an option, however, I agree, with their current efficiency you would need a pretty large array.

  7. Carl says:

    Just a thought, See the electric go-carts (the super fast ones) would the motors in them be any good?
    Some use 2x12v car battery’s.

  8. girrrrrrr2 says:


  9. Carl says:

    Have you seen them?

  10. Izl says:

    Nice shop for DIYs

  11. jstack6 says:

    I add a grid tied solar system to my home in 2001. I also asked for nte-metering and got it for the whole area in 2004. My power utility pays me some months. Most months I only pay 20-30 bucks and live in the Phoenix AZ area. Solar is my only fuel for Air Cond and Heat.
    It green and saves me money. I installed it my self. nice hack of my energy bills

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