Cool Nintendo GameCube Zelda Mod on eBay!

GameCube Mod

I finally got my HP DV9000-CTO notebook back from HP.  Somehow, my motherboard burned out but they replaced it so that’s good.

Michael Page submitted his cool GameCube Zelda mod on ebay. Check it out and bid on it if you want it before someone else takes it!

I just finished making my Gold Zelda GameCube. I am selling it on eBay and giving a portion to the ‘child’s play charity.’

The top of the console where you inset the disc has a large image of Navi the fairy from the Zelda series which glows blue when the console is on. This looks amazing!

Just above the controller ports there have been precision drilled holes that light up, displaying the player number.

The controller ports themselves light up blue (player1), green (player2), white (player3) and red (player4).

Both the right and left fans on the GameCube light up in a bright white, which illuminates the ground around the GameCube.

The once black disc cover plate has been changed over with a transparent panel, which lets you see you games running. The discs inside the GameCube are lit up by three blue super bright LED’s, built into the case.

The consoles ability to play games has not been affected at all, it works perfectly! The extra LED’s use a tiny amount of power, it is pretty much as energy efficient as a normal GameCube.

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  1. Izl says:

    Looks sick in the dark, what about in light?

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