Windows Activation error on an ATM machine and Windows Vista… STINKS!

Windows Activation

Windows Activation 2

Windows Activation causes an ATM machine to mal-function!  This is great news for Linux/MAC users.   Now we have one more reason to tell you how stable Windows are.

On the side note, I have been using a Windows Vista and it STINKS!  Yes, that is my purely honest opinion.  Almost 3 out of 5 programs no longer work on the new Vista.   Plus,  my new HP Color Laserjet software does not install!  Okay, I am not just whining.  The new Windows Vista feels like a Linux they used to have couple years ago where there is no stability at all.

My suggestion: Wait until Windows Vista SP2 comes out, probably 2 more years.  Windows Vista sucks at backward compatibility waY more than Windows XP.  At least XP didn’t have those problems.  I think I will have to re-install XP tomorrow… bummer… I wish they had XP on the new computers… if Vista wasn’t installed already, I wouldn’t be wasting my time…

Sorry Bill, your Vista really sucks a**…  you really need to get your stuff workin’ FIRST before you sell it.  :p


4 Responses to Windows Activation error on an ATM machine and Windows Vista… STINKS!

  1. horisly says:

    what’ my god.

  2. max says:

    what my god?

  3. Carl says:

    Our God !

  4. Izl says:

    ^^ LOL at those comments!

    but really, you could probably hack that thing looks so unstable

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