Looking back at Computer Animation on Apple IIe


Here’s a really loud but awesome animation using an old Apple! 🙂

Read all about the Apple’s features before you go get an iMac (Now, you can appreciate it…more… 🙂 ) :

Only Apple II makes it that easy. It’s a complete, ready to use computer—not a kit. At $1298, it includes features you won’t find on other personal computers costing twice as much.
Features such as video graphics in 15 colors. And a built-in memory capacity of 8K bytes ROM and 4K bytes RAM —with room for lots more. But you don’t even need to know a RAM from a ROM to use and enjoy Apple II. It’s the first personal computer with a fast version of BASIC—the English-like programming language—permanently built in. That means you can begin running your Apple II the first evening, entering your own instructions and watching them work, even if you’ve had no previous computer experience.The familiar typewriter-style keyboard makes communication easy. And your programs and data can be stored on (and retrieved from) audio cassettes, using the built-in cassette interface, so you can swap with other Apple II users.This and other peripherals—optional equipment on most personal computers, at hundreds of dollars extra cost—are built into Apple II. And it’s designed to keep up with changing technology, to expand easily whenever you need it to As an educational tool, Apple II is a sound investment. You can program it to tutor your children in most any subject, such as spelling, history or math. But the biggest benefit—no matter how you use Apple II—is that you and your family increase your familiarity with the computer itself. The more you experiment with it, the more you discover about its potential.

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3 Responses to Looking back at Computer Animation on Apple IIe

  1. Carl says:

    Why? Why did he spend all that time to make that?

  2. Izl says:

    No idea carl, I dont know either

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    why not… when you are bored you wil make a ton of stuff…

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