Infrared Sensor Mouse

Infrared Sensor mouse

Here’s a cool infrared sensor enabled mouse instead of a traditional laser one. My question is, why go back in technology? Maybe it’s safer and more accurate although I don’t see how it can be more accurate than a laser mouse. BUT, the laser mouses do have problems of not working well on glass or rough surfaces… This might actually be a good invention afterall. Will they send us a sample???

P.S. Yes, a mouse is blogger’s best friend. I use the simple Internet Explorer mouse from Microsoft which I bought one off the black market in Seoul, Korea for $5 couple years ago. It still hasn’t broke and I know I can get another one if I break it.


2 Responses to Infrared Sensor Mouse

  1. Per Jensen says:

    It’s still a Laser-mouse, it’s just an infrared laser!

    It’s all a question about wavelength, the folks have realized that another wavelength is better for more surfaces.

    The Laser in a CD player looks quite dim – in reality it’s not! it’s just as bright as one in an DVD-player that looks to be 20 times brighter, it’s just past way into the infrared area, so it’s hard to see by our eyes.

  2. Carl says:

    I am still using a ball mouse from14 years ago

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