We are back on a faster server and ready to go fast again! :)

Hey, we are back on a super-fast server from Cari.net. We had to move to a quad CPU dedicated server due to traffic and slow load times. Aplus.net didn’t have any faster CPU than dual-core so we had to move. Anyways, I just got my cool green dragon laser from Dragon Lasers last week. I will shoot a video soon to show it off. (And yeah, we are giving them some free ads for the free sample!) Thanks Frank for the $400 green laser! 🙂 I’ve been very busy pointing it at the sky and other things. It’s really cool, the green laser beam can be seen at night!

On the side note, this is the 4th time we’ve moved our servers. Next time, we will probably have to start making some server farms which would be kinda hairy…

8 Responses to We are back on a faster server and ready to go fast again! :)

  1. Jake says:

    Great! I’ve been noticing some slow load times, so hopefully this will solve it.

  2. max says:

    Glad it’s working out for ya! 🙂

  3. Ryan says:

    hey i dont know why but when ever i try to load the zedomax.com webpage for the first time i get this message…
    internet explorer cannot open the internet website http://www.zedomax.com/blog/.

    Operation aborted…

    so i just refresh than scroll down to the bottom fast…and wait for 10-20 sec and then scroll back up again… than when i want to go to the next page i have to do it again… but it was working fine yesterday…i didnt have to scroll down or anything… what do i do???

  4. max says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Yes, our site is not compatible with IE 5.0 or IE 6.0 yet. We are working on a fix. In the meanwhile, you can use firefox… oops…

  5. max says:

    Try reloading by pressing F5 button on your keyboard. It should work okay after you refresh…

  6. max says:

    All right, we fixed the IE5 bug, it was caused by a javascipt code that wasn’t enclosed by a div. Anyway, if it still gives you problems, let us know, we will fix it.

  7. Ryan says:

    it still is happening but it works fine after the refreash… and i am only 15 so my mom wont let me download firefox…

  8. Izl says:

    lol, talledega nights, I WANNA GO FAST! sorry reminded me of that 😛

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