UMPC Everun

UMPC Everun

UMPC Everun 2

After we got invited to, it seems like we have so much more to post. (It feels like we are at the Maker Faire everyday now) Although you could just goto their website, it’s always better to mix it with some DIYs and HACKs at (And we have other “bedding”, “stinky”, and “dabomb” news hidden at the bottom of our website) Also check out our newest site, Keetsa! blog, if you haven’t yet. It’s really cool. I’ve been spending so much time reading Keetsa lately, I have become very lazy at posting. But will try to keep my addictions to a sober level.  Although we will try to post some gadgets in the future from Keetsa, you CAN check out the cool as* solar powered gadgets and more cool green gadgets here.

Anyways, these UMPCs are freakin’ great and I need to get one next time I goto Korea. They have blackmarket where you can buy stuff on the cheap. (can’t tell you where, otherwise the prices would go up!) Well, if you email me, I will tell you though. max at zedomax dot com.

Weighing only 460g, the EVERUN adopted 4.8-inch WVGA(800×480) LCD featuring auto-rotation and auto-brightness control function. It offers up to seven hours (12 hours with a large battery) of battery life thanks to its power saving AMD Geode processor and high capacity lithium-ion battery. The new UMPC supports built-in 802.11b/g WLAN, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity and optional HSDPA/Wibro modem. Qwerty keypad and optical touch mouse are also contained.

Users can choose storage(HDD or SSD) and CPU(LX900 or LX800) and it is available in late June for around 650,000(KRW).


P.S.  WOW, check out the Wibro MODEM!  Sweet!  I just wish I tried Wibro…too bad it’s not here in SF or anywhere near the US yet…  On the side note, US HSDPA sucks in most places including San Francisco.  Well, I’ve heard that it’s really fast in “other” metro areas but what about me and everyone in the Bay Area?!?

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  2. Erin says:

    it’s okay to be addicted max!!

  3. max says:

    yes, i will just be addicted then. :p

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