Maker Faire 2007 – The Soul Cycle


Maker Faire 2007 - The Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle 2

Check out this cool Soul Cycle! We saw a guy and a girl riding this through massive traffic throughout the Maker Faire. It was cool because we got some good music for free!
They were playing some good Bob Marley music, which is my favorite.  (awesome!)

I guess you can get this mod for your bike, cool…

Add the element of music to your next social ride with one of our amazing Soul Cycle mobile audio systems. There’s nothing like walking down your front steps to a glowing, inviting Soul Cycle, setting your iPod on the handlebar control deck, flipping a couple switches for lights and music, and riding off to the bumping bass of a Bob Marley track. All Rock The Bike Soul Cycles offer powerful bass, amazing ease of use, durability, and great styling!

We cut our teeth making Soul Cycles for San Francisco’s Critical Mass rides, and we’ve innovated some of the most powerful features in today’s exciting world of bicycle audio: handlebar mounted controls, backlit speakers, and streamlined looks. If you want to build the ultimate party bike, install your Soul Cycle system on an Xtracycle SUB. You’ll be able to carry a friend, bring the beer, chips, salsa, and the tunes!

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2 Responses to Maker Faire 2007 – The Soul Cycle

  1. Izl says:

    LOL i love the rocket design!

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    lol… she couldnt stay up…

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