Circuit Board Earings and Keyboard Cufflinks!

Circuit Board EaringsCircuit Board Earings2Circuit Board Earings23

Check out some of the cool circuit board earing and keyboard cufflinks if you are a hardcore hacker! Thanks Nicola for the tip!

Thought your might get a kick out of my DIY geekware over at

I’ve just finished updating with a whole bunch of new creations that I think your readers might like if they are into fun geeky gifts. All hand made by me up in Edmonton, Canada.

3 Responses to Circuit Board Earings and Keyboard Cufflinks!

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    nothing says geek like keys hanging from your ears…

  2. Wow we’ve got alot of old circuit boards at the factory, maybe we should start a jewelry store! LOL

  3. max says:

    yeah, good idea! I will help you sell it!

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