HPV – Human Powered Vehicle or Cool Bike we say


HPV - Human Powered Vehicle or Cool Bike we say


Wow, there’s so much stuff still to come from our Maker Faire 2007 coverage. It’s like a massive virus or a bomb that hasn’t released itself yet…

With all the cool bikes we’ve covered in the past, this is probably the coolest bike, well at least the most technological “lookin'”. I am not exactly sure where this bike is from, I think we’ve covered it before but… it’s cool~

There’s always large-scale molding DIY if you ever want to build one yourself.

Update:  Here’s the website for Human Powered Vehicle for it. (Thanks Joseph!)

6 Responses to HPV – Human Powered Vehicle or Cool Bike we say

  1. Joseph Mahaney says:

    Hey guys…

    This project was completed at the University of Central Florida. Just graduated from there this past December. I don’t know who was involved with the latest incarnation of the HPV but there have been several previous attempts by UCF in the HPV competition. Hmmmm…were they really in SF? a little more info can be found here


  2. max says:

    Thanks Joseph, it’s been updated!

  3. Izl says:

    Saw this on TV once, was fascinated

  4. girrrrrrr2 says:

    what is teh gas mialage on this thing???

  5. Izl says:

    I hope that was sarcasm dude

  6. HPV cure says:

    Now that is really cool man..great post..keep it up

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