Snore Stopper stops SNORING!

Snore Stopper

Everytime my girlfriend’s brother Bodin comes over to my apartment and sleeps over, he SNORES! So we’ve outlawed him from sleeping in the same room ever again. But it’s about to change with this cool Snore Stopper. It will give you a slight electric shock or wave everytime you start snoring. We haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to buy it for Bodin since his birthday is coming soon. By the way, Bodin runs the OnEarthTravel blog, so check that out too and leave some nasty comments about his snoring. Don’t worry, he won’t mind, he’s a very nice guy.

Reduce snoring frequency and volume with natural biofeedback techniques. A simple wrist belt worn while sleeping allows the Snore Stopper’s biosensors to detect snores. The unit then issues a gentle electronic wave of light stimulation onto superficial skin. Rather than waking the snorer, this 5-second impulse merely causes a reflex—either a change in body position or an increase in throat muscle tension—much like the nudging of a spouse. Studies report that approximately 80% of snorers have shown improvement when using the Snore Stopper—a unique subconscious approach that’s much less expensive than surgery, dental appliances and machines. Added benefits include better breathing while sleeping, and fewer next-day difficulties such as sleepiness, headaches and irritability. Take it along when you’re traveling: unit is compact, light and includes carrying case. Entire kit includes manual for use; self-adhesive electrode pads (3 pairs); moist alcohol wipe; storage case; screwdriver and wrist belt with magic tape and hook. Includes auto power-off function after 8 hours.

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2 Responses to Snore Stopper stops SNORING!

  1. Bodin says:

    Thanks for that comment about my snoring! I’ll make sure that you’ll get me one!

  2. Izl says:

    Just stand next to him while hes sleeping, and make noises, watch him get repeatedly shocked lol

    sorry bodin 😛

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