Eco-design – rotating towers that can power itself

Rotating Towers

Rotating Towers2


Wow, check out these rotating towers that can power itself!

While the technical details of the wind-power system are sketchy at best, the architect, David Fisher, claims that the tower could power itself and ten other similar sized buildings. Frankly, the claim seems somewhat outlandish, but even if it produces just it’s own energy, it would be a significant achievement.

Fisher has proposed that towers be built in a new way, basically by stacking platters on a central concrete core. This will allow for two unique and awesome features. First, a wind turbine between every floor (see image above) and, second, rotating floors.

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14 Responses to Eco-design – rotating towers that can power itself

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  5. Mind blowing!
    In the wake of 9/11 and the entries for proposals I sent a written design proposal of a rotating tower – I would work on the details but this is mind blowing …architecture on a new level !Literally, am out of words.
    Pat on the back Doc!

  6. girrrrrrr2 says:

    … another tall building thaty can fall???

  7. Izl says:

    Wow I wouldnt even stand near that thing!

  8. girrrrrrr2 says:

    … how does it generate power???

  9. Izl says:

    im guessing when it spins it makes energy, like windmils

  10. stephen lonewolf makama says:

    Someone accused architects of trying to hard to produce exotic designs to feel relevant- funny the guy is also an architect .
    I find stuff like this useful when I am teaching ( in a state polytechnic where I live ) , innovations like the tower encourages my wards to think outside the box.

  11. max says:

    I agree, thinking outside the box is really the thing you need to survive in real life.

  12. VP says:

    How does the plumbing work. As far I know these will NOT be located in the center. I can imagine how electricity will work but that’s it… Does anybody have some ideas?

  13. stephen makama says:

    I thought the plumbing would follow the core… anyway another way may be for the works to follow the structural ‘form’ OR still there would be components that would form individual systems which would be accessed or serviced unit by unit. Sketches anyone- I guess that would not be the problem as thats what we do as architects … create a problem and proffer the solution.

  14. stephen lonewolf makama says:

    Logically they Would be centrally located htogh I can imagine threr could be more novel ways to get round that – I watched a documentary about an Asian{ I think} company that developed a technoly for ‘creating’ drinking water literally from the air!
    i wouldlie to think of a self sustaining system for each floor.

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