DIY USB HACK – Unlocking USB Disk Drives

USB Hack

Here’s a cool USB disk drive hack that shows you how to bypass the password retries with 1 wire and tips to getting started with cracking the actual password. This shows how vulnerable those USB disk drives are in the hands of smart hackers.

The package seems to be made of black velvet, and there’s a nice keychain hidden in a compartment of the package which you can use to hang the stick around your neck. I’m not so fond of metal on my body, considering I work with electricity a lot, but I can imagine it’s a nice way to carry really valuable data around.

First thing I did is plug the device into my Linux-machine. It showed nothing but a 2MB partition containing a Windows program called PASSWORD.EXE, so no chance of getting it to work easily in a non-Windows environment. So much for cross-platform compatibility… Ok, so let’s boot into Windows.

Under Windows the program was runnable OK. Hmm, seems someone already entered a password for me… and I now only had nine retries before the unit would self-destruct!


6 Responses to DIY USB HACK – Unlocking USB Disk Drives

  1. Carl says:

    That was quite an interesting read. “Some hi end USB drives have a feature where if the case it tampered with the drive burns ”

    On that note I am off to bed and will sleep well

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    ya but then those will be bypassed… it will never end…

  3. Izl says:

    Wow so easily cracked

  4. girrrrrrr2 says:

    i cant wait till people dont care about stealing…

  5. information sharing is not stealing says:

    The line between information sharing and stealing is so small there will be silly prosecutions over flawed copyright laws. The day all information; i.e books(fiction and non fiction), music (Yes music!) and others alike will be the day collective human intelligence will evolve. If we keep thinking in such small terms, we will not survive our own footprint.

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