DIY – How to make a Soju Lamp

Soju Lamp

Similar to the previous post, here’s Zedomax Soju Lamp. The great thing is that I didn’t even TRY to make it, it was just there from my dedication to drinking daily while blogging. (Yes, if you are over 18, we recommend this route. Make sure to have a companion while drinking. DWC – Drink with a companion) Although I drink beer mostly, sometimes I resort to Soju because it’s only 16% alcohol and let’s me drink less thus not getting a beer belly. Plus, soju does give you better ideas and let’s you be more creative. (Okay, kids, don’t follow my example until you are in your late 20s…)

Well, I haven’t really finished the Soju Lamp yet, I still have to finish the other side (I haven’t got to it yet, have been very busy with rice wine. Rice wine is very good too.)
One day, if I do finish my Soju Lamp, I will post a nice picture of it. (The above picture is actually a year and a half worth of work. Why I haven’t finished yet? Sometimes, I forget to save the Soju bottle caps.)

HOWTO: Make sure you untwist your Soju bottle carefully so all of the metals stay intact. Then, simply twist the ends of Soju bottle cap while making sure NOT to twist it off the cap. Then shape it so it will fit right on the edge of your lamp. That’s all! Now, the rule is that you must finish all your drinks before putting it on your lamp. So make sure take a long term plan for this project. (Maybe 1-3 years based on your drinking and metal twisting skills. I’ve had many times where I’ve lost the metal ends even though I have a lot of experience…)

By the way, what is Soju? You can read all about it on Wikipedia. Well, to explain it simply, it’s similar to Japanese Sake, but slightly with more alcohol and somewhat like vodka in taste. Chamisul is the Soju you gotta go for if you want to real stuff.

You can email me at max at zedomax dot com if you have any trouble or if you start throwing up and can’t blog…just don’t blame me.

They say in Korea, in order to do business, you have to be able to drink this… (Well that’s what everyone says and I think it’s true…)

UPDATE: Here’s a video of what Soju does to you if you drink too much:


11 Responses to DIY – How to make a Soju Lamp

  1. garrett says:

    I think you’ve got some garbage on your lamp.

  2. Loadmaster says:

    NIce lamp. I love Soju. I stock up when ever I fly into South Korea. I have never found it in the States. Did U? I ask cause the lids that are on Uer lamp are not like the lids on my bottles that I got in Korea. PLUS the stuff I get is 20%. but we all know how strick S.Korea is about regulating things.

  3. max says:

    Oh yeah, I get these from Kukje Market in Daly City.


    Yeah, the soju you get here I heard is crap but regardless, I can’t really taste much difference so…
    But the bottle caps are yeah, again, probably not genuine…I will have to pick up some genuine ones on my next trip to korea… ;p

  4. Lil says:

    Soju can make you do some stupid things….like climbing on acoconut tree with a few bottles of Soju on you and falling flat on your back.
    That stuff sneaks up on you, because it tastes so nice! No hang overs though….Personally I love it, we get our directly from S. Korea JINRO it’s the best!
    The only words in English on the bottle are SMILE AGAIN…for sure you willl be smiling after a few bottles!

  5. max says:

    Nice. Soju is definitely a great brew! 🙂

  6. Lil says:

    I AM in an Island in the Caribbean and drinking Soju……I have to say it’s the best, with Coconut water goes good!!!!

  7. BSelten says:

    Soju is available in the states, go to any Korean market and if they dont have it they can point you in the right direction.
    If you dont feel like leaving your keyboard, you can buy it online (Jinro Soju, biggest maker)

  8. girrrrrrr2 says:

    … cant you just do the same thing woth the wine bottles… or better yet… not start making it becyase by my luck i will be almost done and then the dog will nock it over and they will get stepped on… and so on…

  9. Izl says:

    What is that..

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