Spiderman 3 Parody – I’ve spotted Spiderdog!

Spider Dog 1

Today, I’ve spotted the Spiderdog while trolling along my friend’s neighborhood. I invited him into my friend’s for a small talk.

Spider Dog 2

Here’s the sideview of Spiderdog. Although I could not see how he could be so powerful over normal dogs, I admired and respected his pantings and high fives.

Spider Dog 3

I did get the chance to see his eyes directly on. It’s his super-dog powers for being able to see in the dark.

Spider Dog 4

From the sideview, you can not tell his eyes have super powers, but I got Spiderdog to confess about his superpowers by giving him a doggy treat:


The radioactive spider that bit Spiderdog transferred its characteristics into his ‘doggy’ DNA. Among these was the proportionate strength of a common house spider. His enormous spider-strength allows him to bark at 10,000 decimals or more (if he’s under stress), and perform all kinds of life-saving feats (including biting and dragging a group of people for 10 miles)

Spiderdog’s might makes him deadly in paw-to-paw combat, which is his main form of direct attack. He uses strength with his spider-sense and speed in combat, making him extremely hard to surprise, harder to hit, and even harder to withstand. Spiderdog can go toe-to-toe with a lot of villains in the Marvel universe, and has even held his own against the Hulk from time to time (without the Captain Universe power, even).

His incredible physical power gives him great endurance, and also helps him take lots of damage.


As well as gaining the strength of a spider, Spiderdog also inherited the arachnid’s swift speed. He can move and react several times faster than an ordinary doggy. His reflexes allow him to dodge a bullet (if far enough away), and coupled with his uncanny spider-sense, gives him a definite advantage in dangerous situations. Very rarely is Spider-Dog surprised or unaware in a fight, now matter how sneaky or devious the villain is.


Spiderdog’s most helpful ability in his crusade against evil is the Spider’s natural ability to walk on walls and ceilings.  His paws are capable of launching unlimited amount of spider webs and stick to anything like super-glue.

Spiderdog is at home on the sides of skyscrapers in San Francisco, and this unique power lets him crawl pretty much anywhere he wants.


Slightly different from Spiderman, Spiderdog has Spider-sense with its nose and sense of smell. With sniffing capabilities 10,000 times more than a regular joe dog, he can sniff anyone within 60 mile range. This allows him to smell almost anything and avoid disasters and dangerous situations.

For reference, spiderman’s powers are here.

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  2. green says:

    Haha spiderdog, this is cool idea lol:)

  3. Izl says:

    aw hes awesome

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