DIY – Z glass house and cool house plans!

Z glass house 1

Z glass house 2

Check out some of these cool house plans you buy before building your own vacation home! Above it my favorite, the Z-Glass House. It looks modern and very stylish yet retains a minimalist look. Nothing can justify minimal things especially in this material world we live in. (As a rule, I try to only have 2 glasses, silverware, and only 2 plates at my house)

Yes, one day if our blog network is worth $33 million like weblogs inc or somethin’, I will be able to afford a dream house, well small dream house, I just need somethin’ simple you know and build a homeless foundation in sf.

Thanks John C Donell for the link! 🙂

P.S. Soju helps you blog better on top of our other tips for blogging.

Oh yeah, make sure to check out brother-in-law blog, Bedzine for all your furniture stuff for your new vacation house and current house…

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  1. Izl says:

    Looks very small from the outside

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