DIY PHOTOGRAPHY – Collapsible Light Tent

Collapsible Light Tent

Wow, we’ve seen a lot of light boxes and tents for photography floating on the internet before but here’s a “collapsible” light tent that might actually be useful and easy to store simultaneously.

Ever wanted to take pictures of small items around your house and make them look like it was done at a studio? It’s possible with some items around your home and a trip to your local craft store. It’s going to cost you around $15 but its money well spent. If you were to order a similar setup from a photography store, your looking to spend near a $100.

via jpgmag

3 Responses to DIY PHOTOGRAPHY – Collapsible Light Tent

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    cool… but i like the icebox one better…

  2. Carl says:

    This is nice and simple

  3. Izl says:

    I liked the icebox better than this also, it was free too, this one looks better though

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