GOLD plated Benz Smart tuning-car

gold plated Benz Smart tuning-car

Cool, check out this Gold plated car. I bet you will have a lot of people scraping off some of the gold if you park it in downtown SF. Regardless, it’s GOLD plated!

via deluxeblog

8 Responses to GOLD plated Benz Smart tuning-car

  1. horisly says:

    wow, so cool.
    but i don’t like the style.

  2. max says:

    Yeah, it looks cool. Not really something I’d ride in though.

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  4. max says:

    Hi Joshua, I will email you the info. That sounds great! We like

  5. katherine says:

    Love the car, bit small for me, but nevertheless, love it cos its different. I have my own goldplated car, which I gold plated myself, you can check out the pics at

  6. Izl says:

    I want to see a nice sleek ferrari or the like goldplated, chrome even

  7. ben dover says:

    how much does the car cost without the wheels

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