Keyboard Necklace

Keyboard Necklace 2

Check out the cool keyboard necklace! This reminds me of the time I made a custom letter necklace for my girlfriend at the Coca Cola store in Las Vegas.

Keyboard Key chokers! I popped all the keys off of two keyboards, washed and sanitized them in a little bit of bleach and detergent, then filed down the backs of the keys and drilled holes in the top. The choker bands were made of crochet thread.

Right now I’m also working on a Pirate one, including a painted “Jolly Roger” key. I think these are so neat and unique, so I wanted to share!

via craftzine

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  1. seo blog says:

    Lol thats pretty original. I used to make duct tape wallets in high school and sell em for $20.00 lol.

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