Solar Hot Water Heater for your home

Solar Hot Water

Check out this site for information on installation and the works behind solar hot water heaters that might actually save you big bucks and save the earth at the same time.

Some of the key benifits:

  • Eliminate 80 to 95% of your water heating bill.
  • Constantly increase savings in a non-taxable income.
  • Your home’s equity value increases with your investment.
  • Income generator that keeps producing a positive non-taxable cash flow to you.
  • Uses non-polluting free solar energy.
  • Doubles the amount of hot water available.

Yeah, if you live in California or any of the south-west states, go get it and start savin’

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4 Responses to Solar Hot Water Heater for your home

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    this would be a good thing… but in az… we already have hotwater on demand…

  2. Carl says:

    How do you have hot water on demand?

  3. Izl says:

    Carl – a hot water heater :S

  4. girrrrrrr2 says:

    we live in az… it is very hot here… all you have is go out side and you get hot water…

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