DIY ROBOSAPIEN HACK – How to add remote controlled flamethower Robosapien!


Robosapien Hack 1

Robosapien Hack 2

Wow. This is awesome! (Not intended for people under the age of 18) Check out this cool remote controlled flamethrower robosapien!

Just remember that I did warn you! So now if you blow off a hand or burn your house down you can’t blame me! Now we can get down to business. I had seen the V1 flamethrower hack by Adam Plavinskiswhen I was first looking into getting a Robosapien late last year (picture to the right). I wanted to do something similar but it had to be controlled from the remote which was going to be the challenge.

via suicidebots

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  • Evosapien has some good information on the overall stucture of a Robosapien.
  • Robodyssey has some cool hacks using a microcontroller

7 Responses to DIY ROBOSAPIEN HACK – How to add remote controlled flamethower Robosapien!

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    in my opinion the coil gun is better…

  2. Carl says:

    Hehehe, this is not an Out of the box purchase.

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    woot woot he blood hound gang rules…(the ones who sang the song…)

  4. Carl says:

    Jimmy Pop

  5. Carl says:

    Sorry miss read what you typed then, Thought you asked who was the singer.

  6. Izl says:

    Wow and then give it to the toddlers that the toy is originally intended for

  7. girrrrrrr2 says:

    why would some one do that??? so they can get their house burnt down… i dont think so…

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