DIY HACK – Robotic DAT Tape Loader

Robotic DAT Tape Loader

Robotic DAT Tape Loader 2

Here’s a really cool DAT backup tape loader robot that being worked on. This might be a great way to automate your server backups especially if you own a hosting company.

Thanks to D. Wilstar for the link!

This is another cheap project, useful to those peoples too lazy to change backup tapes every night (If You said “What’s Backup?” please stop reading! 🙂 )
This project is less “art attack” than my homemade CNC. There is, indeed, a plan (well, sort of…) drawn with Google SketckUp (actually drawn BEFORE construction, and not AFTER, like I usually do 🙂 ).
Almost all mechanical components used can be salvaged parts, or can be bought in a hardware store.

4 Responses to DIY HACK – Robotic DAT Tape Loader

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    arent we done with tapes???

  2. Carl says:

    No, DAT are still used in recording studios.

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    oh ok… dont we use cd’s now???

  4. Izl says:

    Why do they use tapes in studios even?

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