Laser Etching at Techshop

Laser etched laptop


I decided to run down to Techshop in Menlo Park this evening and get OK’ed on the laser cutter/engravers. There are a few projects coming up that may need some fancy parts. Anyway, I had my old nearly-dead laptop along and decided to make it my first project ever, after the training class. I copied a fractal image that was stored on the laptop’s hard drive and etched the design onto the back of the lid. I probably could have dialed the DPI down a little, the file took an hour to run. Anyway, it looks pretty cool! Thanks to Jim Newton for setting up Techshop so anyone can have access to the best tools (toys)! I keep trying to convince Max to come check it out, maybe this will do the trick…

4 Responses to Laser Etching at Techshop

  1. max says:

    Oh yeah, definitely… I will have to get my laptop etched now… 🙂

  2. green says:

    Man, this is a nice work, i like the design.

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    i will have to get my plazma screen etched now…no really…

  4. Izl says:

    I want to do that to my pc case

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