George Foreman iGrill

George Foreman iGrill

When I first saw George Foreman Grill on TV like 5 years ago or so, I was very skeptical. Although I have never had one before, many of my friends have owned one before and told me how well it cooked steaks. Well, I am sold, I just haven’t got one yet. Here’s the new George Foreman iGrill that you can stick in your iPod and play music while BBQing. George probably thought of this while making some steaks. Nice. Great job George!  George Foreman has a built brand on his own name and without even purchasing one of his grills, I am totally sold.  (No, i am not a sellout and never will be.)

Turn your backyard BBQ into an instant party with the iGrill from George Foreman. The iGrill has a 200 square inch nonstick grilling surface that is covered with George’s Tough Nonstick Coating. The included 10 watt speaker system plays your favorite tunes from your iPod, MP3 or other USB music system.

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One Response to George Foreman iGrill

  1. Izl says:

    Haha about time someone made this…

    Next how about a iBomb

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