Darth Vader Hot Balloon?

Darth Vader Balloon

Cool, here’s Darth Vader Hot balloon for all you evil-spirited Star Wars lovers!

Lucasfilm gave its approval for Lambert to have the balloon built with his own funds, using one of the most recognizable characters in cinema, as long as the balloon was not used for commercial pursuits. “We contacted Cameron — the world’s largest manufacturer of hot air balloons — and a Darth Vader helmet replica was sent to their engineers to help them recreate every detail,” Lambert recalls. “A vector file representing the Vader helmet in 3-D was also sent to the engineers.

[via] http://zedomax.com/image/icon/make.jpg

3 Responses to Darth Vader Hot Balloon?

  1. blogpaul says:

    I think I need a pair of Hulk boxers! Darth balloon, this should be the #dugg site…how do find these things!!!

  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    A must have for any asspering sith.

  3. Izl says:

    Dudde that would be so cool! A giant hulk fist pointing up as a baloon!

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