DIY SOLAR HACK – Cool collection of Solar Cooker HOWTOs

DIY SOLAR HACK - Cool collection of Solar Cooker HOWTOs

Check out the inclined solar cooker and the vast range of solar cooker HOWTOs here.

Solar cooker available, generally fall under two categories. One is box type and the other is parabolic reflector focusing type .The cooking ability of existing box type simple solar cooker is seems to be not satisfactory in comparison to the cost involved. .Parabolic reflector focusing type cooker needs frequent adjustment to track the apparent motion of the sun .For these reasons this type of parabolic reflector solar cooker is not much popular.

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  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    i live in az… so this would be of great use here…

  3. Izl says:

    kind of like a lady i know that cooks cookies on trays in her car

  4. SolReka says:

    Great solar box cooker design.

    This particular design would be very effective for cooking multiple pots of food, however cooking times would be 4 hours plus I should imagine.

    I talk more about solar cookers on my blog including other designs including parabolic and panel solar cookers

    Here is the article which discusses the main types of solar cooker: –


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