Rolling Wind Tunnel that goes at 180MPH!

Rolling Wind Tunnel that goes at 180MPH!

Check out this rolling wind tunnel that goes 180MPH! It looks insane! (What happens if there’s failure? Will the race car just fly off there?!?)

Haas CNC Racing NASCAR team owner Gene Haas in conjunction with Jacobs Engineering has created the first rolling road testing facility in the United States known as WindShear Inc. The one-millimeter thick continuous steel belt will roll at over 180mph, and features sensors under the bed that can take readings at each wheel. At top speed the wind tunnel fan will circulate 2.85 million cubic feet of air per minute! The facility will be available for rental to motorsports teams and manufacturers when it opens later this year.


8 Responses to Rolling Wind Tunnel that goes at 180MPH!

  1. sleeper says:

    wow, nice car tester!

  2. sleeper says:

    yeah, it’s cool dude…

  3. Breadmachine says:

    Its called a dyno, granted its the largest and most elaborate ive ever seen, and it tests the various acceleration and engine functions of a car, they range from very simple, only mounting an engine to a diagnostic handler, to VERY large and expensive, some do in fact also have wind tunnels to test base aerodynamics on a straightaway.

  4. mikey says:

    nice photoshop. It would not work

  5. doesnt matter says:

    You guys are very naive if you think thats real. Do you honestly believe they’d have a guy sitting right there at a desk in a danger zone? Not to mention the fact that to have a wind tunnel you need, well, wind. Spinning a cars wheels at 180mph is not the equivalent of blowing wind around a car to check aerodynamics.

    hahaha, gullible fools.

  6. max says:

    Yeah, this dyno is freakin great! It doesn’t look like it’s photoshoped though, probably just a picture for the sakes of taking a picture…

  7. Bom-Ba Klat, Boiiieee says:

    LOL!!!! that has to be the larges, most real world wind tunnel i have ever seen! I mean look, there is a car on a huge treadmill in adequately large, non-round or tunnel shaped room. Oh and that guy on the bottom isnt in the danger zone….he in the party zone! Everyone knows that the party isnt started until the treadmill hits 180mph which causes the wind inside the room (of course!) to also move at 180mph. The reason its a party is because 180mph is the critical mass for strings holding on bikinis. Its pure science people, simple science at that!

  8. Izl says:

    wow a slight miscalculation and bye bye car

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