DIY WordPress HACK – How to decrease the load on your WordPress blog by 5 factors!

Decrease Server Load

Here’s how to decrease the load on your WordPress blog by 5 factors! (if you are running a dedicated server)I was digging today for some stuff on digg and noticed this post about WordPress performance.

Since Zedomax runs WordPress, I decided to take a look.

Elliott was running only one server yet he claims that he can handle 1,000,000 hits a day on one server!

FYI, Zedomax is running 3 servers now and the load was at about 0.80 to 1.0 on an average day for the HTTP server and 0.60 to 0.80 for the MYSQL server. (The other HTTP server is for the other blogs)

So through Elliott’s suggestions at changing httpd.conf, my.cnf, php.ini, and installing eAccelerator, my load on the server dropped at least 5 times!

The load for the HTTP server is now at about 0.20 for the HTTP server and 0.15 for the MYSQL server.

Bottom Line

If you run WordPress blogs, make sure to do the suggested changes and you will definitely notice the increased speed of your website loads.

Here’s some additions to the Elliott’s HOWTO for installing eAccelerator.

When I’m trying to execute phpize, I got this:

/usr/local/php/bin/phpize: line 57: aclocal: command not found

This means you don’t have phpize installed on your Fedora. You can install the php-devel which has the phpize in it like this:

“yum install php-devel”

I got this error when I was trying to install the above:

“Check that the correct key URLs are configured for this repository”

So you gotta do this:

Edit /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo and replace the line




Then when you do “./configure”, if you get an error, you need to install some more tools. (which wasn’t documented)

So I installed Autoconf and Automake by using:

“yum install autoconf”


“yum install automake”

This might be basic for an experience linux-er but it took me couple hours to get it so hopefully it will help ya.

Then you can follow the rest of the directions.

Hey thanks Elliott for sharing the information with the world. I really appreciate this, you made my websites run faster! 🙂

3 Responses to DIY WordPress HACK – How to decrease the load on your WordPress blog by 5 factors!

  1. Eric says:

    Thanks for the tip! I have three sites all using wordpress on a single server that also double s as the MySQL server. This should help a lot

  2. Izl says:

    I dont even have ONE blog :p

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