Mow your lawn with Robot mowers!

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Check out this cool robot mower, LawnBott. There’s also Robomow, which is very similar. If you are lazy and like robots, you might want to give these a try on your next lawn mowing…

The LawnBott LB2000 Professional Robot Mower is a fully autonomous , the LB2000 model will cut your grass every day, leaving its home docking station as programmed, cutting your lawn for up 3 hours, and then returning to its docking station as its battery gets low, all on its own. After it recharges itself, the LB2000 will leave the docking station all by itself and cut again. You will now be able to enjoy your week-ends!

4 Responses to Mow your lawn with Robot mowers!

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  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    /… lol… a roomba on steroids… it has roid rage…

  3. Izl says:

    What came first the roomba or this?

  4. Preston says:

    The roomba came first but this thing is the product of evolution. You see, roomba’s didn’t like the outdoors, couldn’t stand the grass, the dirt, the dogs, the stray dogs. Over the years eventually a few started to wander beyond the 4 walls and a door that was their prison. With competition becoming more fierce in the homes those brave enough to venture outside found new opportunities to live out their roaming dreams taking care of their master’s domain. So they grew better wheels and changed their brushes to blades, mocking the push mower’s their masters used. Now they work diligently like their cousins just on the outside of the house, where there is far more freedom. And I am sure they all snicker a little inside when the local street joggers come to a halt to stare at amazement as they cut the grass. The Lawnbott Evolution happens to be the most advanced robotic lawn mower out on the market, far and away the best. I hope you have enjoyed this little short about mythical roomba’s, for more detailed (and truthful) stories of robotic lawn mowers, check out the full review of the Lawnbott at

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