DIY Circuit HACK – Moon Clock

DIY Circuit HACK - Moon Clock

DIY Circuit HACK - Moon Clock 2

A lot of Asian cultures still use the moon clock for calculating their birthdays. For whatever reason, our family still cannot figure out my mom’s birthday as it was originally recorded as a Moon day… Well we could figure it out using some moon calculators

Anyways, check out the moon caclulator here.

Despite the hour hand only roughly modeling the sun’s motion through the zodiac, it turns out that, as a means of obtaining the moon phase, the moon’s phase can still be indicated to an accuracy of better than 1%! This is accomplished by attaching the ‘Moon dial’ graphic disc onto the hour hand. This disc rotates, thereby simulating the way the sun’s movement lengthens the moon’s phase period over it’s orbital period.

Anyway, enough of these crazy meanderings! I’m off now to make a clock which uses a timebase with a division ratio of 3.36 x 10^12. This will create a clock which indicates which geological time epoch you are in!

It’s time for my pills now.

via techlib

2 Responses to DIY Circuit HACK – Moon Clock

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    wow… so when did you celebrate your moms birthday…

  2. Izl says:

    Alot of third world countries dont bother with the birthdate, they just know the season.

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