MAC TV Hack – How to run Mac OSX on MAC TV!

MAC TV Hack 2


Well, we know we are a little behind on the MAC TV hacks, but here’s how to run Mac OSX on MAC TV.  Check out the funny Apple fights Apple hacks also… These guys need some vicodin…seriously… that’s so anal dudes…(probably some dudes dressed in Louis Vuitton shirts and thinkin’ their the shit… NOT!  Hail the hackers!)

Semthex wrote a processor emulation for the kernel, to sidestep the hardware restrictions that previously disallowed Mac OS X from running on the Apple TV. was only too happy to help out, and when it turned out we needed more testers we launched a competition to get some. Within hours we had hundreds of eager Apple TV hackers submit entries.

Several hours of testing and refining later and our tester, gimli, managed to follow the steps (included below) to get Mac OS X booting on his Apple TV (click to enlarge)

via appletvhacks

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2 Responses to MAC TV Hack – How to run Mac OSX on MAC TV!

  1. rob says:

    i never thought it would be that easy! wow cool!

  2. Izl says:

    Mac TV? never heard of that TBH

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