Dark Restaurant

Dark Restaurant

Wow, check out this Dark restaurant in Beijing, China where you must eat all your food in total darkness and waiters/waitresses wear night-vision googles to find their way around… I guess there a Dark Restaurant in Australia and in Germany too where some of the waiters are blind.

The first dark restaurant in Asia is officially opened on the 23 December 2006. This restaurant, located in Beijing, China, has its interior painted completely black. Customers are greeted by a brightly lit entrance hall and will be escorted by waiters wearing night vision goggles into the pitch dark dining room to help them find their seats. Flashlights, mobile phones and even luminous watches are prohibited while in this area. The meal will be taken in this environment with the complete loss of vision. By starving one’s sense, your other senses are stimulated to full alert – all so the theory goes – and your food will taste like it’s never tasted before. In case you are wondering about the washrooms, they are all brightly lit. Link [in Chinese]

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  1. El says:

    there IS a dark restaurant / bar in Wiesbaden (Hessen, Germany), where all of the waiters are blind. It is a very interesting and of course funny way of tasting.
    You get more information at this site: http://www.schlossfreudenberg.de/html/index.php (just german).


  2. girrrrrrr2 says:

    is there one in az???

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