DIY Project – How to build your own chopper!

DIY Project - How to build your own chopper!

DIY Project - How to build your own chopper!2 DIY Project - How to build your own chopper!3


Cool, check out these plans for that show you how to build your own chopper for like 40 bucks and also check out the electric conversion of a Honda bike resulting in 0 emissions!  Here’s a book you can get that will help you build a chopper from scratch.

Go bikers! They save the world!

The batteries were scavenged from my Autonomous Telepresence robot, Sparky. We purchased a new Perm132 motor, golf cart controller, charger and throttle from Electric Motorsport in the East Bay. The owner Todd is a builder and racer of electric motorcycles, so he was able to offer us great advice, especially helping to determine the correct gear ratio and spocket size. These components were not exactly inexpensive, but almost all the other materials were scrap, junk, or part of some other project, so ultimately the cost was reasonable.

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4 Responses to DIY Project – How to build your own chopper!

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    wow… zero emissions… that means no emissions testing!!! yay!!!

  2. Izl says:

    But you still need a license?

  3. Great post! I’ll probably blog something similar later. How to Build a Canopy Bed

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