Do you have computer addiction?

Do you have computer addiction?

Do you have computer addiction? I know I do. It takes me hours just to get off the PC not to mention how many times people yell at me to get off during that time…

Check out the 12 signs you have a computer addiction over at random-good-stuff. There’s also a website dedicated to computer addiction services… You can also get some help from University of Texas for computer addiction.

What about Internet Addiction?

Oh yeah, that’s another related addiction. Take this test to see if you are a hardcore internet addict. I got a score of 55 and this message:

You are experiencing occasional or frequent problems because of the Internet. You should consider their full impact on your life.

This is good news! (I think…)

Also check out what China is doing with Internet Addictions… The last time I heard from someone, you can go to jail for being online too long… (Or something along those lines…)

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  4. Izl says:

    perfect for me!

  5. girrrrrrr2 says:

    wow… i need 3…onlly for me…

  6. Savannah8D says:

    internet addiction test, score of 81. Which is funny because im writitng a paper on internet addiction.

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