Color Changing Showers!

Color Changing Showers!

Color Changing Showers!3

Color Changing Showers!2

Wow, check out these color changing shower heads! It seems pretty basic (probably just high intensity LEDs on top), regardless, we like the overall design and originality! I’d love to have one of these showers, it’d be really cool… (well, maybe we can hack one easy…)

Perfect for creating a dramatic accent color, or merely for it’s therapeutic effect the lighted shower head embraces contemporary style. Created by Signorini Design, the Ultra Slim shower head is available as both a ceiling-mounted and a wall-mounted shower head. The wall-mounted version elegantly reaches out from the wall, while the ceiling-mount shower head has two styles. One which offer a flush mounted finish and one which suspends from the ceiling. Available from Signorini Design, the Ultra slim shower head adds a bright vibrancy to your daily shower routine.

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6 Responses to Color Changing Showers!

  1. hi, i wanted to say that your shower is great and im very inersted in geeting them, im a musician with people like mariah carey and david bowie and i have my own band and a new cd out right now called the magician, please let me know if i can talk to someone ok, my number is 305-490-6101 thank you,,sammy

  2. max says:

    Cool sammy, my dad is very interested in drums and stuff. Can you send me a CD for my dad’s birthday? I will preview your CD for ya in return! 🙂

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  4. girrrrrrr2 says:

    wouldnt it be kind of easy to make one your self… just stick some leds in the shower head… and make sure they are water safe… and turn it on???

  5. Izl says:

    Sounds simple enough but they look so cool professionally

  6. sam weng says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to discuss with your purchase department for some item of shower products. Please kindly tell me the contact way of your purchase department, the email address is better. Thank you very much!
    Sam Weng
    Ningbo Haiyun Industry Co,.Ltd

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