Wha, wha, what about Google Pagerank Patent?

Google Pagerank Patent

I was reading up on some new books over the weekend and came up googling some Google Pagerank Patent stuff.

There’s some interesting stuff including the Google Pagerank Algorithm on Wikipedia. Check out the Method for scoring documents in a linked database by Lawrence Page if you haven’t yet. I think this is the original document. This is got to be the sum of Computer Algorithm class at Stanford. It’s very interesting.

I remember reading somethin’ like this back in college while taking a Computer Algorithms course. Of course, that was one of my favorite computer textbooks called, “Computer Algorithms“. I highly recommended it. I bet this patent will be in future college textbooks soon…

If you check out the citations from the Method for scoring documents in a linked database patent, you will see a lot of citations to actual Computer Algorithms stuff such as Graphs employing clusters, Technique for drawing directed graphs, and Method and system of routing messages in a distributed search network to name a few. Well, I am sure this is way more complicated than just an algorithm, but then, it still breaks down to a simple algorithm in the end. (Did i say simple? Well, all algorithms should break down to 1s and 0s…)

Think about how many stuff are actually involved in making this PageRank, what a masterpiece…(wasn’t that a Master’s Project? Oh wait, it’s a Ph.D Project…too bad Tiger lost the Masters…)
Anyways, this is freakin’ great… the best part, check out this quote:

Larry Page never finished his Ph.D because of the great success of his Google search engine. It was started in 1998 and grew rapidly every year since its beginnings. Page and Brin started with their own funds, and that of their friends and family but the site quickly outgrew their own available resources. They eventually received private investments through Stanford to fund the rapid growth of up to 20% per month.

Yey, this rocks!

2 Responses to Wha, wha, what about Google Pagerank Patent?

  1. Rich says:

    Google’s page rank patent is cool! I use a free patent analysis tool which automatically generates filled-in claim charts to help analyze patents against possible prior art. I used it to look at some Google patents, and they really did a good job. The tool is at http://www.EnglishLogicKernel.com

  2. Jermaine says:

    I was told that the patent is not Google’s – its from the university.

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