The Top 5 Engineering Magazines

Here’s a good list of magazines that should help you get a feel for the engineering industry including application, products, and just for the hell of it.
(It’s also the ones we subscribe to regularly…)

(Click on the magazine to go to their homepage)

Make Magazine

Make has bunch of cool projects including the DIY coffee roaster among other cool stuff… They have a blog too.  (just in case)


Check out CircuitCellar if you are into microcontrollers, embedded systems, embedded linux, etc…etc…


Check out Wired for come wired stuff such as latest stuff about blogging, bloggers, and other cool tech blabbers…yes that got a blog too. Actually, they got a couple of them…

Nuts and Volts

Nuts and Volts is kinda the mix of Make and Circuit Cellar. It’s got some really easy projects you can make.

Control Engineering

ControlEngineering’s got some cool industrial information if you are into PLCs, industrial automation, factory automation, etc…etc… (This one is actually not on the stands, but you can get free subscription from their website…)

Extra Note

We do like PopularScience, but everybody probably knows about this one so we will put a link to it. Oh yeah, do check out the Popsci blog

Hackedgadgets has some free magazines you can subscribe to, you just gotta fill out a short survery. These can be helpful if you are into a smaller niche of the market such as microwaves…

Surprised that NutsandVolts and CircuitCellar doesn’t have a blog yet… you should be blogging, babbling, about stuff…and promote your stuff more!!

3 Responses to The Top 5 Engineering Magazines

  1. Izl says:

    What about Popular Mechanic\science :S

  2. Jeff Dunham says:

    I like Popular Science Magazine

  3. max says:

    oh yeah, that’s good too!

    nice blog by the way..

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