“Smoke Bomb” Alarm System


Remember the funny alarm system that rocked the steering wheel? Well, check this one out. The alarm system consists of a smoke bomb (kinda)!

Well… it’s a device you can set up in your car.. and everytime a thief wants to do his job, that gadget eliminates a gas that has an instant blinding effect, keeping your car in the parking lot . Don`t waste your money on expensive car gadgets that don`t work, give it to me for distributing you this new information about one of newest car gadgets

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5 Responses to “Smoke Bomb” Alarm System

  1. Alan says:

    When these first came out me and a friend who both worked in the fire suppression industry (which uses CO2 gas in some cases) joked that instead of smoke it should just be CO2 gas which would have the same blinding effect but would also displace the oxygen so all you would have to do is call the cops or morgue to cart away the criminal. 🙂

  2. max says:

    Oh yeah, definitely, that would be good except the company would get a lot of lawsuits for old people who set off the alarm by accident.

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