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Check out this cool DIY on making a submersible shark camera! I’ve never gone shark fishing, well I don’t fish anything I can’t eat and big sharks don’t look like they would taste good. (But I like Tuna and all the other cool edible fish in the big ocean…)  Here’s a cool cheap way to make a submersible cam also…

Last year while shark fishing off the Dumbarton Pier and recording the catch on a 20 year old VHS camera I had an idea. I thought of how cool it would be to jam a camera in the mouth of a big shark and let him swim away so then you could see what he was up to when he opened his mouth since sharks are coolest when they’re biting through stuff. Images flashed through my mind like: giant teeth surrounding the perimeter of the video while the shark opens his mouth and engulfs a cell phone or a car tire (it is the san francisco bay after all). Judging by the expression on Gillian’s face as I described my vision, I realized the idea had limitations. So I decided to do the next best thing: make a submersible camera with shark bait all over it, dunk it in the sea and wait for something cool to happen. PUT SKETCH HERE

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4 Responses to DIY UNDERWATER HACK – Shark Cam

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    all i would get is a picture of sand…

  2. Izl says:

    I have the perfect treads for somthing like that

  3. zedomax says:

    Don't be a squawker and live a longer life, be more successful! 🙂

  4. zedomax says:

    Don't be a squawker and live a longer life, be more successful! 🙂

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