Sanki Manner Jet

Sanki Manner Jet

Sanki Manner Jet2

Check out the Sanki Manner Jet, which you can take “pollen showers” to get rid of those allergic pollens from the environment.

I ’spose I got carried away with the title as this is for removing pollen rather than cleaning the skin. You step in and your weight sets off the jets which spray you with clean air to knock off the pollen that has gathered on your clothes. Where does this pollen then go? The jets are designed so that the air hits you and moves particles in a counter-clockwise direction which are collected by pollen filters located on the right side of the booth.

via akiba-gadgets

3 Responses to Sanki Manner Jet

  1. Mark Laymon says:

    I could sure use one of these today. Every tree in Florida seems to be blooming! AHHHH

  2. max says:

    oh yeah, that would be good for Florida.

  3. Izl says:

    Pollen doesnt bother me much

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