Knight Rider for Sale!

Knight Rider for Sale!

Knight Rider for Sale!2

Cool, my favorite TV show Knight Rider’s trans-am is for sale! Only 150Gs! 1 of the 4 cars used in the show. I saw one of these at Universal Studio back in 1989. (I think I have a picture somewhere and a VIDEO! I will post it soon)

They are sellin’ this in dublin, California, so if you are in the san francisco bay area, it’s only a 30 minute drive at the most!

Own a piece of Television history!** 1982 Pontiac Trans Am 305 V-8 engine 2,393 original miles This vehicle has been “Title Only” never registered for street operation. PHS documentation This is one of the 3 original cars Pontiac donated to Glen Larson to film the Knight Rider TV series. It is one of only 4 surviving T-top cars from the series. (1083, 1084, 1087, 1177) None of the 10 series cars have ever been offered for public sale. Cars 1084 & 1087 are on display in museums. One in Keswick, England and the other in Auburn, Indiana. Car #1177 has had all electronics changed by a reproduction company and does not have any of the original equipment from the series. This car was a Picture or Hero car used in all 4 seasons of the series. In season 1&2 it was car #1083, for season 3&4 it was renumbered #1197 (Both numbers still remain on the car.) This car has been restored to it’s original season 1 condition Original dash with 2 operational TV’s. One connected to a camera in front of the car, the other connected to a DVD player with the audio speakers hidden under the nose. Original interior fabric (very rare and not available in reproduction.) Receivers welded to the frame for towing and shooting close up shots Stunt brake switch operational (installed by stuntman Jack Gill for rear brake lock up.) Electrical components will work on 12 volt battery or plug in to 110 current Come take Michael Knight’s place behind the wheel of one of the most famous cars in history!

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  1. sophronia says:

    I’m selling a 1978 bright red trans am, original blue engine, rebuilt transmission (o6) good tires, exterior excellent condition, interior very good. Great sound, Kick-ass pickup. Any suggestions?

  2. Izl says:

    Wow, has it sold yet?!

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