Funny Alarm System for you car


I don’t know if this will be a safe option for alarm systems (in case it goes off when you don’t want it to) but it’s hilarious the way the steering wheel flops around…

via carchops

8 Responses to Funny Alarm System for you car

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  2. Brian Gaut says:

    I agree, its funny…. but that was the point. It was an April fools joke 윒

    The SUV has a power steering problem, the rack just jolts back and forth because the sensor doesnt detect its not being turned anymore.

    Technically, you can grab the wheel. The power steering isnt strong enough to overcome human strength 윑

  3. max says:

    oh yeah, that’s true.

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  5. adam toler says:

    Now this is funny!!:

    Its a pimp my ride spoof….hillarious!!!

  6. max says:

    That IS funny! 윒

  7. girrrrrrr2 says:

    can you say snap crackle pop and snap somemore… lol…

  8. Izl says:

    Lol it pops off!

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