DIY HACK – Acryllic LED Board for your CAR!

Acryllic LED

Acryllic LED 2

Check out the awesome acrylic LED light DIY for your car. (It’s in Korean but you should be able to manage just with the pictures.)

Looks really cool… a simple but great idea for acrylic LED stuff.


3 Responses to DIY HACK – Acryllic LED Board for your CAR!

  1. David says:

    as u know…
    it’s my acrylic LED light..
    if u wanna know about that information, i’ll supply that information for u
    and i add picture and information for u

  2. max says:

    send it to: max at zedomax dot com.

    We can also refer to your website.

  3. Izl says:

    the sepia one looks great

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