Wii HACK – Wiinja – Nintendo Wii Mod chip?


Check out this cool Wii mod chip that allows you to play backup DVD games on the Wii! At $51, not too shabby for a hack mod.

Unlock your Nintendo Wii. The Wiinja Nintendo Wii Mod Chip is the worlds very first Mod Chip for the Nintendo Wii console. Allowing you to run all Nintendo Wii and Gamecube DVD-R / DVD+R backup and import backup games. Full Support for Gamecube Homebrew software. Play any Wii or GC backup just like you would play an original game. Simply insert the disc, and start playing! Built in Stealth Mode means that this mod chip will NEVER be detected by the Wii Console. It even has a built in audio fix for games using streaming, and no patching is required.

8 Responses to Wii HACK – Wiinja – Nintendo Wii Mod chip?

  1. Eric says:

    I just got my Wii and I want to put a mod chip in it. How risky is this to damaging the system? Do you think there will be a usb mod or similar so I don’t have to open up my system any time soon?

  2. Aerien says:

    It is risky to mod the Wii if you don’t know how to open it. I know a store that Mod’s it for you, but they’re in Toronto, Canada.

  3. girrrrrrr2 says:

    ya… but now they are cracking down on modders…

  4. Faiz says:

    Aerien, Where in Toronto. I need my Wii modded and I live near there

  5. Izl says:

    It voids the warranty so watch out

  6. girrrrrrr2 says:

    so… what good is a warranty if what you are doing is illegal…

  7. Ga says:


  8. Ga says:

    Call it in toronto

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